Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A study mother

A study mother, that was me.
Sounds unfamiliar, when your age are approaching 3 series.. and you don't have any jobs, and you have two child already. 
Haha.. I only can grin. 

Everyone are free to choose their path. And this is my path that I love most. Seeking for knowledge. 
I start with PJJ (perkahwinan jarak jauh) where I left my older daughter and my husband in my hometown. And I travel almost every week to attend the class. I was exhausted. 
And now, my whole family hijrah to JB. Another types of difficulties that we faced.  

this is the girls that make my life up side down.. huhu

Ok, what is my daily routine?
1. Wake up at 5 am in the morning to get bath, boil the water, pray, recite Qur'an, if I have extra time, i'll make some breakfast and doing the laundry.
2. Prepare the school bag for my children.
3. Prepare the children. Wash them, feed them
4.From sunday to thursday i'll going to the office 8am-5pm
5. 5pm I'll go to pick the children from school
6. 5.30pm cook for dinner
7.Play with the girls
until i ge tired and fall asleep..
 this is a normal day if the girls emotion in a good state..

this routine will going horrible if the girls are screaming in a high pitching level...
oh my oh my...

to be continue..

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